Late night revelation

I switched medications because I wanted to try having a wider range of emotions: I was getting tired of having only numb and number. Although I am coping better since starting this medication, I don’t have that overly medicated zombie-esque fa├žade to which I become accustomed. Quite often it would go through my mind that perhaps this medication was not working.

The Guilt

I used to joke with my ex husband about how many kids we would have. I wanted 4; he wanted 2. So I said that we should have 6! That way if we get divorced, he can take his 2 and I will take my 4. If we ended up not getting divorced, then we would always have an extra gift lying around if we forgot someone’s birthday. “Oh, it’s your 30th? Here, have a baby!” And also we would have spares if any of the children needed a liver. Win-win-win.